User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are extremely important for all digital projects and products.

For all types of websites, applications and software systems, they are both integral in providing an immersive experience that is engaging and easy to use whilst increasing conversions and usage patterns.

The UI and UX processes in any project should go hand-in-hand. Our team of UI & UX experts are there from the start of every project to ensure that the design and development of the interface works with the research of the end user needs, the product and the overall specification.

Our specialists pride themselves in being able to accommodate to the specific project needs for cross-platform compatibility, user engagement, increased conversion rates and general transformation to the look and feel of your product whilst still reinforcing your brand image. The majority of the projects we work on are cross-platform and the UI and UX should smoothly switch between the various platforms so that no experience is compromised.

We have designed user interfaces for some of the biggest companies in the world, working on extremely complex websites and applications which have a heavy involved UX structure. Through our understanding of what drives web users, we design websites and applications that surpass client expectations and provide a lasting return on investment.

User Research

It's vitally important to research the expectations of those that will be using your website or application.

How effectively are you planning the user journey and how easy will it be for the user to experience of the interaction? We will work with your team to understand what you want to achieve from the users, and combine this with user experience research to enhance the overall experience and service of the specification. In turn this will help your project innovate, transform and succeed in an ever-changing digital world.

We have many methods to gain UX research through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, we carry out our research on your potential users and then design your website or application around their requirements and expectations. This can include including user interviews, contextual enquiries, persona research, and usability testing. The focus is on the systematic approach to gathering and interpreting collected data.

This UX research data and findings are reported back to the Design Team where it will be used as part of the initial design process to wireframe the project. The UX research can also continue well into the projects development stage as the project is growing and is being tested to ensure the initial research is working.

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Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing and prototyping allows the team to explore and develop ideas and user-flows before starting the technical build of the project and helps save time overall with the development.

For large website or application projects, once the UX research has provided the team with the results they require, we then start the prototyping and wireframing stages. We create mock-ups for the usability testing stage allowing the prototypes to be customised to match our persona research. At this stage it gives us a basis for creating visuals, allowing us to explore lots of different user interface ideas whilst providing a reference point for functionality and interactions.

Producing high quality wireframes reduces a lot of design and development time because there is a clear plan from the outset due to prior research and testing. In turn this makes for a much more cost-effective solution than doing it at the development stage. It establishes a visual structure for the UI team to work from which also reduces design time.

Our wireframes also assist with the client learning on their project and provide a great opportunity for client input and our understanding from a client/product perspective. We have a range of industry standard tools and practises for developing the Prototypes and wireframes, from simple “sketches” to interactive wireframes that link interactively to other wireframes creating a full journey to be reviewed.

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