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Reach team member interview

6 Jan 2020

Andrew Claypole

We are happy to welcome Usman Yousaf as the newest member of the Reach Studios development team.

Usman joined our ever-growing development team back in January and assists with the multitude of exciting existing projects and future projects we have in the pipeline.

Keep on reading to learn a little more about one of our newest team members.

So Usman, how did you get into this field of work?

I got into this field of work after completing my MSc in Computer Science.

What is the best thing you feel you have achieved in your working life?

I would say I have improved my management and technical skills significantly.

Favourite food or drink?

KFC and Budweiser.

Favourite TV show or film? 

Silicon Valley.


I enjoy playing snooker, gaming, swimming and blogging.

Do you prefer working from home or the office?

I prefer working in the office environment.

What is your favourite item you’ve bought this year?

Echo Show 8

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

I’d keep Facebook, WhatsApp and Uber Eats.

Which band/artist – dead or alive would play at your funeral?

Linkin Park.

Have you ever completed anything on your ‘bucket list’?

No, not yet.

Do you know how to speak any other languages?

I can speak Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

How have you found it working at Reach up to now?

It’s been an overall great experience working at Reach. Everyone is very friendly and support and I am very excited to be part of Reach and looking forward to future projects.

Usman has settled quickly into the team here at Reach and we are looking forward to working with him moving forwards.

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