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This weekend we had the chance to test out the new back-end and API development for the British Drift Championship we are working on and it was a great experience.

We have been working on the new backend and API development for the BDC over the last few months. This is the first event up in Teeside we had the chance to test it out in a real scenario.

We took some of the team up to Teeside for the weekend to spread the testing across the two days. This was the first time we had watched drifting in a live environment before and it was very exciting! We got to go behind the scenes, see how everything was set up and learn all of the rules!

It was exciting to hear the loud engine noises, the smell of burning rubber and the close calls with a few crashes! Despite the weather, the crowds turned out in full and there was great atmosphere.

We managed to test the APIS, the backend and the beta app version and got the data we required for the next stage. Keep an eye out on the case studies section for a full overview of the project!