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This week we say hello to a new face, Jonathan Ward our new Customer Experience Director!

We have worked with Jonathan in the past on a few freelance-based projects and as we looked to expand the business, we thought it Jonathan was the perfect candidate to head up our UX and Customer Experience division!

Jonathan brings a wealth of skills to the business with him, specialising in user experience, customer insights, actionable experiences, persona research, user journeys and much more.

We will also be utilising Jonthan's project management skills to streamline our workflow. He has already introduced our team to new integrations, analytical software and has plans to create a new customer experience framework to integrate into our own systems and eCommerce platforms.

With vast experience spanning the last 10 years working across various digital agencies within the NHS, as well as working for Provident, the skillset Jonathan brings to the business will be invaluable and we are looking forward to him settling in!

Read Jonathan's first blog post explaining Insights and Actionable Improvements.