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20 Jan 2020

Jonathan Ward

We usually focus a lot on the tech and development side of things in our news stories, so we thought we would do something different this week! We produce a lot of design work for many clients each month, and we love using illustration.

Illustration is a fantastic design element used throughout a great quantity of our work for clients. We focus on using clean, vector techniques to produce graphics that are sleek and very resourceful.

Although photographs are occasionally demonstrated in our work, we do prefer to use graphics to illustrate non specific images. Photographs are images that portray particular people, places, activity and situations. As we design our material with given information, we can be reluctant to use photographs if they do not correctly exhibit exactly what the material is advertising.

Using an image in a piece of work to create a more pleasing and refreshing design, can be difficult if the topic can not be conveniently photographed. Creating an illustration to match the information we are adding to a flyer for example, can be designed from scratch including elements, features, and settings that are nearly impossible to photograph without being impractical and possibly too time consuming.

Illustrations can also display information through info graphics. Maps and diagrams can be designed to attract interest as they become more appreciable by adding illustrative aspects. The illustrative forms of an image are very easy to understand along side written information. Another advantage of using illustration as the design approach, is that images can present branding colours and characteristics for company advertisement material. Recognisable elements can be brought through illustrations distinctively, in comparison to using a photograph. This style of work has a high possibility of increasing engagement.

Although we as a company tend to sway more towards vector illustrations, photographs are displayed in relevant material that is produced worldwide to demonstrate reality – such as sales brochures or holiday destination leaflets.

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