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30 Jul 2021

Jonathan Ward

There has never been a more critical time for a beautifully designed, well-structured, and easy to use website.

There has never been a more critical time for a beautifully designed, well-structured, and easy to use website. There has been a dramatic increase in web activity over the last year due to the global pandemic. Studies and surveys have shown that over a quarter of the population in the UK will continue to use the internet as their first point of contact for everything, from shopping and entertainment to business transactions.

It only takes users 50 milliseconds to form a first impression of your website – and that first impression can have a ripple effect on a multitude of marketing efforts. We found that: 93% of people have left a website because the website design didn’t display correctly on their device. 90% of people have left a website because it was poorly designed. 93% of people have left because a website didn’t load quickly (HubSpot), this demonstrates the importance of website design and highlights how crucial a correctly built website is.

Think of a bespoke website like a shop front, you will be far more likely to walk into a clean, well-lit shop with smiling shop assistants ready to help you. You would much more opposed to enter a dimly lit, unkept store with unapproachable staff. The first instance will put you at ease, make you feel taken care of and willing to stick around to view the product/service. The second scenario would fill you with unhappy feelings along with a desire to get out of store as quickly as possible. A website’s design can make customers feel all the same feelings and produce very similar results, this can increase consumer confidence and help to increase overall conversion rates.

Mobile Optimised Websites

Mobile optimisation is the process of adjusting your websites content to ensure visitors that are accessing your site via a mobile or tablet can have an experience that is customised to their device. Globally, 68.1% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile. By the end of 2021, 73% of e-commerce sales will take place on a mobile device. Whether you’re in law, health care, the restaurant game, technical, or any other industry, a high-quality mobile implementation of your website is a critical step in the mobile-first era.

Your business will do well out of mobile optimisation. The following benefits result from a mobile optimised website:

Improved User Experience

User experience is vital, without its visitors will leave and not return. The experience users get using a website on a desktop vs using it on mobile differs. On a mobile site, users need to be able to view pages easily and navigate the site on a smaller screen, choosing scrolling instead of having to click through pages or making links clickable without the need to zoom. Without mobile optimisation users struggle to navigate and read websites on a smaller mobile device.

Increase User Engagement

A mobile optimised site increases the likelihood of engaging visitors. If a site has a responsive design that can cater to a mobile device screen users will spend more time on the site, reading through the content, liking content, clicking on the CTAs, and possibly leaving comments.

Increase Time Spent On Site

As mentioned above, if a site is mobile optimised and it offers a positive user experience users will spend much longer on the site. The longer they spend on your website the greater chance they are going to convert or return later.

Improved Website Speed

When you optimise your website for mobile use it will load much faster. Desktop sites that aren’t properly optimised take a while to load, particularly if they use Flash elements. Mobile users won’t want to spend the time waiting around for the site to load. Therefore, by increasing the speed of the site through optimisation, visitors will spend longer periods of time on your site. Website speed plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimisation, Google reward websites with fast load times which could mean the difference of a page 5 Google ranking to a page 1.

Improve Mobile SEO

Google has begun factoring a websites mobile SEO into their regular SEO. Meaning, if your mobile SEO is not ideal it will hurt your overall SEO which in turns effects your sites rankings.

Increase Local Customers with Website Design

Mobile SEO and local SEO go hand in hand. Many people will search queries and will look for specific business in their immediate area. If they are near you physically and they come across your website via a mobile search, then they are much more likely to drop in and make a purchase. Poor mobile SEO will affect your local SEO resulting in fewer local customers.

Given the amount of people these days who use their mobile devices to explore the web and search queries means that mobile optimisation should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. You will risk losing a significant percentage of your target audience if you choose not to optimise for mobile users.

Why Choose Reach Studios for bespoke website design

Reach Studios can offer the combined skills of our talented in-house web designers, developers, and search experts to deliver an award-winning service to create you an impactful, eye-catching, and responsive website that caters to both desktop and mobile devices alike.

We’re proud of our heritage as a Sheffield Web Design Agency but our clientele is not limited to the Sheffield area. We have created websites for hundreds of clients throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. Whether your current website needs to be improved to bring success, or you’re in need of a completely new website, the team here at Reach are here to help you achieve website success. Please Get in Touch

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