We join Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud

Secura Cloud

11 Dec 2019

Thomas King

Reach Studios join Secura's Virtual Private Cloud to stay secure and protected.

Secura were very excited to welcome us to the Virtual Private Cloud, as our digital marketing services, wide range of expertise and brilliant design skillsets are now in Secura’s safe hands.

The Virtual Private Cloud

The Virtual Private Cloud is a remarkably flexible platform that Secura have built, also known as VPC. Depending on the usage, the VPC platform authorises beneficial services to be scaled up or down extremely efficiently.

We as a company have been offered the peace of mind that our data and platform is highly protected and very much secure. Secura and the data centre partners are fully ISO 27001 accredited, and the VPC platform is secure by design.

Secura thoroughly understand that support is crucial when selecting a hosting provider. That is why they focus on maintaining the maximum levels of support to their customers, continuously monitoring your company’s environment. They are available for us to speak to with any requests or issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is of course, very convenient.

Secura CEO, Ollie Beaton, commented:

“Through its flexibility and high availability, the Virtual Private Cloud is an ideal fit for digital marketing agencies. We’re delighted that Reach Studios have chosen Secura to underpin a number of their client requirements and we look forward to supporting their business and hosting projects in the future.”

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