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NHS COVID-19 Project

April 2020

We were approached by The NHS Leadership Academy to undertake a project working on illustrations, graphics and compositions for a new NHS website which is designed to support the NHS staff during the COVID-19 crisis.


We were approached by The NHS Leadership Academy to undertake a project working on illustrations, graphics and compositions. The project was for a new NHS website. Designed to support the NHS staff in the current Covid-19 crisis.

We’ve got a last-minute job that needs doing, can you squeeze it in?

If you’re in the same industry as us, then there is no doubt in our minds that you’ve heard that line before. It might be a tight deadline, but we don’t think there is anything quite like the thrill of having deadlines to meet and sinking our teeth into the task at hand.

The NHS Leadership Academy was tasked with getting this site live to coincide with the launch of the Nightingale Hospital in Londo, so the turn around of the content, pages, navigation and illustrations was extremely tight! The team at The NHS Leadership Academy began creating the content and we completed the essential design and development tasks for the different sections. With a tight deadline of less than a week to get the initial product complete, some late nights and early mornings were required! Ultimately, we met these deadlines and the site was launched on time.

It goes without saying, we take our hat off to The NHS Leadership Academy Team who wire-framed the full process. The Leadership Academy created all of the content and guides in such a short space of time. The work they are doing to help support the NHS staff in the UK is incredible. It’s so important that these front line staff are getting the support they need through digital signposting.

We felt a certain responsibility

With the importance of the subject area it was imperative this project was delivered on time. What was also important was not just the deadline, but that the content is of the best standards we possible. COVID-19 is affecting the whole country and is having an impact on so many lives. The front line staff in the NHS must get all the help they can.

This project is ongoing to this day and new content is being added daily.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Andrew. We had very short leads times due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, however, task turn around has been incredibly smooth, fast and the quality delivered has been consistently excellent.

NHS Leadership Academy

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