Case Study


October 2019

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Way back when, we were contacted by TV producer Jonathan Leather who has worked on some of the best British TV shows and films such as Shameless, Years & Years, Waterloo Road, The Five, and more!

The brief was to create a TV App that would allow him to control his productions and staff from a central point through a digital solution rather than endless spreadsheets, emails, messages and calendars.

TV App for filmmakers

The initial concept began by centralising the application around an internal calendar and schedule. Then he could start inviting crew members and creating tasks and deadlines which were specific to that industry. The first live version was launched and used in a real-life scenario for BBC’s production of Years & Years. In which Jonathan and the production team used the application extensively. The were delighted to confirm it successfully increased productivity and saved time on management. 

After the successful usage on this project, Jonathan’s team came back to us with future changes, updates and new modules/features. Our development team went away and completed these new tasks. Overcoming challenges in time ready for the next project to be used on a Netflix Production.

Furthermore this production has started and we even managed to go a sneak on set to view it behind the scenes! We aren’t allowed to discuss what this project is yet, but its super exciting. We look forward to sharing a blog on this in the future! The feedback has been great from these additional modules.

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