Case Study

The Green Group

September 2017

Design, Web

Bespoke responsive website design for Yorkshire-based logistics company, The Green Group.


The Green Group are an industry leader in logistics and pallet networking.

Operating from multiple sites across the UK, stakeholder engagement was a core pillar for this project. The task was a complete redesign of their website and increasing their online presence.

The Green Group described their old website as ‘dated’ and ‘not updated in years’. For an ever-expanding company dominating the logistics marketplace, it was essential that the website reflected their core services. Focusing on industry achievements, pioneering news and increased the organic presence of the company across their locations. In collaboration with The Green Group we designed a detailed wireframe plan. Alongside their Directors and Head Office staff, working out exactly what needed to be present on the site and what organic exposure was required. Once finalised, we started on the initial designs.

The process

We created an initial style guide for the website before we started designing the pages. Within the style guide we created views for mobile, tablet and desktop as the usage of this site from Google Analytics was split into thirds. Conducting this research was pivotal, as we needed to target three key users: 1) Current customers, 2) New/Potential customers and 3) Drivers. We didn’t want to completely change the site to alienate existing customers who use it as a portal (no-one likes change, right?), but at the same time it required a vast improvement to showcase The Green Group to potential new customers. We achieved this by creating a cleaner UI, using more whitespace whilst keeping a heavy influence from the brand colours.

Key challenges for The Green Group

Firstly, as The Green Group offers a range of services, we created a hierarchy of levels to assist the user. We achieved this by splitting the site up into three main sectors which are accessible across multiple points in the site. This then drills down into child services (linked to the parent category) which we can optimise content specific SEO on, using our specialist techniques to optimise each page individually for the key search terms we can to achieve the desired results.

Results and exposure

Luckily we had the statistics from the previous site before we started this project. Analysing data to compare our success rates and optimisation for the site with our framework. Successfully decreased bounce rate by a whopping 32%, increased users by 71%, increased sessions and much more! We achieved the SEO goal for a number of locations, getting the site to page 1 for key search terms. We are looking forward working on the site each month to maintain exposure and relative information for the target audience.

Visit the website here: The Green Group.

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