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Cober Hill

Bespoke content management system and website for Cober Hill.

We have managed Cober Hills websites for the last 6 years constantly keeping them updated to keep on top of the ever changing technologies and UI trends. The hotel has a diverse audience range so the site is very complex with multiple landing pages, structures and organic content.

As the site has a multiple audience base, the analytics of devices we receive is very mixed and there is no clear “winner” in device type so was important to make sure this site works on all devices and computers. We used a combination of Responsive and Reactive structure to accommodate different navigations, checkout process and landing pages ensuring that the site will cater for all.

Key points

This site was designed to showcase the services of the hotel, from rooms, conferences, creative holidays, business escapes and more. Its content is designed to target the end user for private guests and also B2B content for the conference/events side of the business. So we designed the sections to be colour coded and built a clear structure with repetitive widgets and links to make the navigation easy for the users purpose.

Additional features

From 6 years ago until now, we have worked on year-on-year increase in visits, an increase in conversions and ROI to the site and we have tried to decrease and maintain bounce rate so we can get the exact audience members we are targeting. The site grows year on year organically and as we change the structure to keep up with browser updates and compatibility it remains successful and allows us to work collaboratively with Cober Hill on a vast range of other projects.

Partners & Accreditations
Tokbox Partner
Google Analytics Certified
Secura Cloud Partner
Adobe Certified Experts