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InterContinental Hotel Group

UI & UX style guide built for the InterContinental Hotel Group.

In 2015 we were contacted by InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) to design a UI and UX style guide for their applications and websites as part of a huge overhaul of brand re-development across their group.

We flew over to Atlanta to meet their development team. We looked at the initial brief and exactly what they wanted to achieve. The brief was to produce a full user interface and user experience guide, working alongside their in-house team. The style guide would ultimately be used on websites and applications for Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza and more chains within the group. We then brought all our notes and research back to the UK and began work on the full specification.

The brief

The idea of the style guide was to enable it to be used across several brands and colour schemes whilst using the same spacing, typography, colours and icon. The user experience guide was a 300-page document of user journeys across the IHG site, customising user journeys, and encouraging them on optimised journeys across different platforms and making the experience easy-to-use to ensure the conversion in enquires, bookings and user interaction.

Key challenges

The key challenges surrounding this project was to deliver a style guide with assets that were universally recognised and deliver this in a manner that was highly flexible for every brand within the Group. Focusing on accessibility and usability to a global audience.

The results

The user interface guide was a 400-page document of web interface designs from initial elements such as buttons and typography, components, information messages and form elements. They had full measurements throughout the guide, and it indicated how the layouts would change across a multiple range of devices and screen sizes. It also explained the subtle differences in colour and brand across the different brands and how that would look.

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