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UI and UX development for the NHS Leadership Academy online and mobile application, NHSX.

The NHSX platform is a web-based application for the NHS Leadership Academy’s online leadership community.

This is the website for health care colleagues who would like to apply or have already participated in professional leadership programmes, accessed resources and explored content provided by the NHS Leadership Academy.

The system contains a whole host of resources, educational information, courses and also allows NHS members to talk and communicate with other members who are signed up. They can contribute to the blog and share views on the latest internal NHS services that are available.

The brief

We were approached to design the front-end style guide for the complete system. We were tasked with researching styles and user experience interfaces and implementing them into frameworks that would shape the design of the project.

Key challenges

This project was a lot bigger and more intricate than it sounds. The application had multiple areas within it and in the specification we needed to provide layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop. We began with user journeys and exploring all aspects of how a user would start the interaction with the application. There are hundreds of different pathways and journeys a user could take depending on what they were using the service for. There were also elements of this project to influence particular journeys and areas of the system.

The results

The final result was a highly detailed style guide containing basic elements, complex components and widgets, plus information message structures to be used ongoing as well as developing the full framework, pages and different areas throughout the application. It was an incredible project to work on and the team enjoyed every step of the process and we were also able to utilise the analytics provided by the NHS to not only influence the decisions made when building this project, but to also gain a brilliant insight to public sector research on successful UI and UX practices which can be applied to future projects in this sector.

Partners & Accreditations
Tokbox Partner
Google Analytics Certified
Secura Cloud Partner
Adobe Certified Experts