PHP is still the king of the web.


PHP is one of the oldest programming languages. It was designed for functions such as command-line scripting and writing desktop applications. It has established itself as one of the most reliable server-side scripting languages on the market.  PHP, short for Hypertext Processor, is an open-source programming language designed to make web development easier.

PHP Web Development

More specifically, PHP development is used to script interactive and dynamic websites. Scripting refers to techniques used for adding dynamic capabilities to web pages. These factors make PHP one of the best and most popular languages for web development. 

PHP has some advantages that have made it so popular.  Some of the benefits of using PHP include: 

Extremely Flexible PHP

PHP is highly flexible whether it is during an ongoing project or after completing the project. Flexibility in a scripting language is very crucial, as functionality can change anytime during the project. The best part about PHP is the ability to make changes even after starting the project and this saves valuable time. A developer does not have to write fresh codes or command functions, as changes to the existing codes and functions can be done and used.

Easy PHP Integration & Compatibility

PHP is compatible with a large majority of operating systems. It can easily run-on different platforms. As it can be integrated without effort with other technologies, such as Java, existing software does not require re-development. This saves time and money.

PHP Efficieny

Depending on how the web developer codes, PHP has the potential to turn into an efficient language. It is scalable when used for writing codes and can also be used for creating many applications. It is the programming language of choice when a website has several web pages.

Brands Using PHP

Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Slack and Spotify.

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