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Bespoke Web Applications

With vast experience in bespoke web applications, we understand every project brief is unique and will go through an extensive development process from initial consult, discovery and planning, right through to prototyping and the final product.

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We write our bespoke web applications in a variety of web languages to ensure they run perfectly across a large range of browsers, devices and web technologies.

It is an ideal solution to achieve a higher usability and versatility as the software works through web browsers rather than physically installed software or dedicated mobile applications. Our team of developers use a bespoke PHP framework as a core language for the software we develop. This is accompanied by integrations to SQL, MySQL, NoSQL databases. Depending on the project brief and the use of front-end languages such as Javascript, jQuery and AJAX allow a seamless development procedure to our front-end team.

As well as having an expert team of developers with years of combined experience. Not only that, we also have a team dedicated to user experience and user research. When creating bespoke web applications the first stage comprises of extensive discovery and research before any development goes ahead. This enables the project to be wireframed, tested, and all potential features to be confirmed before the development process starts. UX & UI are an extremely pivotal part of the web application development process. As the information that is determined through this phase is passed on to the development team.

Implementing UI & UX

Our front-end team are responsible for building intuitive and exciting frameworks for your intricate web application based on the information provided by the UX team. The UI team will have a clear wireframe of the system, as well as input from the client – complying to any brand and identity needs. Our front-end team will then liaise with the development team and work with them closely as they develop the functionality.

We have been extremely lucky to have worked on projects used by millions of end users. We have had the ooportunity to track user trends and behaviours across a vast amount of applications across different industries. Utilising this workflow has given us the tools to provide clear data on how the user navigates, views, and interacts with the software. This information feeds into our initial UI and UX planning. This teamed with our interaction theory research on multiple devices provides the best interactivity possible to your target user.

Secure, structured databases

Having a secure, structured database is essential for providing a safe application to your end users. There becomes a point where your Microsoft Access or Excel documents become unmanageable. You ‘take the leap’ and have a bespoke application built to perfectly suit your business needs. Using our pioneering web-based software development linked with SQL databases and complex web servers we can provide a tailor-made bespoke database solution to help speed up your day-to-day processes and to optimise your data and information.

We have the ability to develop bespoke APIs and integrations between your custom database application and other software. Therefore, we can provide a seamless solution that saves you both time and money. Utilising JSON and XML to connect to web services and hooks. We can interpret data from popular applications such as Sage, Facebook, Zoho, Slack and many more.

We have worked on a variety of different database systems for a range of different companies. From complex market research using analytics from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To database systems that record training notes that are reportable and contain complex algorithms to create prompts and automated notifications. Our database applications work in real-time, so you can access your data ‘on-the-go’ through your mobile device.

Security is also a huge part of database development. We design your database with security at the forefront. Utilising the latest security structures and encryption techniques that is all hosted on a secure server, with some systems protected by a two-factor authentication system. I think it’s fair to say our team know a fair bit about keeping your data safe!