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Hybrid and native mobile applications for iOS and Android. We offer full mobile application development and store control.

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What is a Mobile Application?

A mobile application or mobile app is a type of software that is designed to run on any handled device such as mobiles and tablets. Mobile apps provide users with a designed interface and promote consumer loyalty. Mobile applications are designed for handheld devices and take advantage of any specialised capabilities they have such as GPS, accelerometer, mobile wallets and much more.

Mobile Apps can be “native” meaning they are designed to for a specific device brand or app store. Web-based apps are applications designed to run on web browsers, unlike native applications, users don’t download web-based apps.

Native Mobile Applications

Native mobile apps are created and developed for a specific type of device platform such as iOS for Apple or Android. One main advantage is the superior user experience offered by mobile applications. Mobile applications open up another world to functionality, interactivity, stability and security.

Mobile Applications Sheffield – Reach Studios

Our development team will assist you throughout the journey. From the initial strategic meetings and concept stages to development testing and app store launches. Reach Studios centre the whole relationship and process with our clients around an agile methodology. Reach personally pioneer in development quality and high standards. We have a specialist for each process in the application project.

The team have developed award-winning mobile applications on iOS and Android along side the likes of companies such as Lush, Honda and Marks & Spencer, and have produced educational-based iOS applications for multiple businesses. We also designed the user interface and developed the user experience for the iOS version of the award-winning NHSX application. We recognise that in this current digital age, mobile app technology is a constantly evolving. Therefore, we are there to advise on every step of the way. This is to ensure your project is on the path to success.

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When it comes to developing the apps, the digital languages and frameworks, it is ever-changing with the creation of new libraries for speed and ease. We utilise a range of different frameworks such as React Native, Objective-C, Swift, Flutter and Ionic. This gives us plenty of scope to make sure we use the perfect framework for your application.