Training Workshops

Our skilled team are experts in facilitating workshops to suit your business.

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Every successful project starts with great planning and vision.

We run various types of training workshops to ensure that we cover every aspect of a project. Allowing our teams to explore all the scenarios within a user journey upfront.

Our experience of working with both existing and previous clients, across a multitude of industries has required us to adapt the way we run training workshops, by tailoring our approach to work with both groups and individuals within the workshop environment. We are focused on delivering both the best outcomes and required outputs to move a project in the right direction.

Although our approach is adaptive and we build the itinerary of our workshops around each project. We do typically refer to our workshops as one of the following:

  • Kick Off
  • Analysis
  • Design Studio

Whether you have an existing product that needs reviewing or you’d like to explore a new project, we will be there to assist you with every step of the process.

So, why run a workshop?

A workshop typically saves a lot of time in the long run. Workshops can clear up a lot of misunderstanding among stakeholders. It creates an environment that removes siloed teams and brings everyone into the conversation throughout the process.

It is rare that a project has been thought about in such detail prior to this point, so the input from the wider stakeholder team and our UX and development specialists are usually essential in fully mapping out what needs to be delivered to make the project a success.

When do we run training workshops?

Simply, all the time…

We use kick-off workshops for brand new projects and are essential to our discovery phase process.

Our Analysis workshops are for existing projects or products that need us to find that special something to kick-start their progress.

Design Studio workshops are for both new and existing projects, so we can start exploring the execution of the project plan.