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Email marketing is still a great way of keeping clients engaged with new products and services as well as being a cost-effective tool for sales.

As long as you have permission and consent of the person whose data you hold (through them signing up for your newsletter for example) then email marketing can be an extremely effective channel.

We have worked along side huge clients on projects where millions of targeted emails were sent out, utilising the latest email technologies and trends whilst capturing the required data to improve the effectiveness of future marketing campaigns. Email marketing is cost-effective and is extremely easy to measure. If you have a client database with consent, it’s a great way to keep your clients engaged as well as upselling new products or services to gain new business.

Email marketing can be used in a variety of different ways, using content to create interest, using sales templates to feature certain products and more. With our experience we can create successful campaigns for you that are designed to captivate your audience and reach them at the perfect time. We can also create triggers from your websites if you have user tracking and want to create automated processes.

Email marketing design

All of our e-shots are completely bespoke and designed to your exact specifications for your campaign. We utilise our skills across UI and UX to produce crisp designs that work across all devices to ultimately increase conversions. When sending e-shots to promote your online business or store, creating an eye-catching landing page is crucial for making that conversion.

Testing and implementation

Split testing is a great way to see how your campaigns are performing and we can even customise split tests to target certain areas of your audience and see which areas are providing the best conversion rates.

We have worked on a lot of automation when it comes to email marketing, so that your site or software does the work for you and uses set rules and set templates to bring your customers back from an abandoned cart, or informs them of a new service or product they may be interested in through customer tagging. Automation is the way forward to reduce time spent!

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