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Paid online advertising can be extremely effective. We will aim deliver the best possible return on investment for your business through paid advertising.

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or Paid Marketing is the most popular method of online advertising, often used through leading search engines such as Google.

It’s an effective way for instant visibility and fast results. It enables your business to be placed directly in front of customers who are searching for your products or services at that exact moment. If the campaign is effective, it’s a great way to generate a good return on investment.

We manage multiple PPC campaigns for a variety of different businesses and we know how to monitor, adapt and improve the various campaigns from researching keywords, competitors, costs, through to re-marketing to existing customers or customers that have seen your ad multiple times. We create bespoke landing pages to direct the ads to, which increases conversions and can be the make-or-break in getting that next order or sale. We use the analytical tools to monitor the ads and behaviour, setting goals and funnels again to increase return on investment and conversions.

We also like to create a variety of paid marketing campaigns through social channels, applications and marketplaces (depending on the product or service) which reach different demographics of audiences for a truly bespoke campaign. We can monitor paid social and marketplace advertising and compare it to search engine PPC to craft the best possible marketing campaign for your business and provide the best return on investment.