Technical Services

Technical Services

Behind the scenes of all of our digital projects there are a multitude of technical services involved that differ depending on the complexity of the project.

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With some clients, we offer these technical services as a stand-alone service to assist with their own digital teams.

Web hosting or web servers are the backbone to your website or application, we have had over a decade’s experience exploring the best solution web servers and stay current with the latest technology, partnerships and releases.

We can host and control your server for you so you don’t have to worry about anything. We will also control your domain so you can focus on your business without the distractions of managing your web presence.

With all of our projects and especially the advancements in web technologies, security is a huge focus. Our technical services have various security services and options available depending on the type of project, from custom firewalls, threat monitoring, penetration tests, CREST certification and more.

Integrations into other applications and software can assist with productivity, speed and marketplace awareness. We have worked on many integrations to Google services, analytical software, data-driven scripts, e-Commerce channels and more.

We will also provide an audit of any project, whether that is the existing server, web technologies, organic exposure or future proofing the software (and hardware) to provide the most accurate overview of what’s involved for the project as a whole.