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Audits are a common service we offer for clients who already have a website, application or store established.

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We often provide audits for companies who wish to move their systems over to us, so that improvements and new solutions ideas can be discussed prior to the migration.

We generally offer three different audit solutions:

Technical Audit

A technical audit will consist of us looking through your website, application, database or system and detailing:

  • what framework it is built upon
  • what type of server is powering it
  • are the server and framework up to date
  • does the server have the relevant patches applied

We will then look at speed, look for any security flaws and future scope for that current stack. We will then let the design team do an audit on the UI and UX to ensure the styling, design and experience is up to standards and highlight where improvements could be made.

Organic Audit

This audit focuses more on SEO and organic exposure. We have dedicated SEO tools that we plug into your website or e-Commerce platform to scan though your pages and display how effective they are organically. This will highlight technical, content, metadata, and structural elements on what can be improved. We can then compare this audit to competition and give you estimated improvements on what would be achieved if we were to adapt it.

Paid SEO Audits

This audit will look at what you are currently spending on paid ads across different platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Amazon and more. We will audit your campaigns, ads, keywords, spend, times and competition to produce better results and increased conversions.

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