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We can provide customised servers that are optimised for your eCommerce needs and can react to usage and high volumes of traffic.

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For any eCommerce projects we work on, we are always happy to work on existing client servers. However, it is often a service that is undersold or under spec’d to a business, which is why our eCommerce Servers service is .

A significant amount of our projects already have internal server setups and cloud-based solutions due to the complexity of the business and branches. However, we always prefer to provide and have full access to the server we are developing on. This way we can ensure the security procedures are in place and we have full control over the server settings and restrictions.

We have various levels of server options for eCommerce sites, there are cost-effective solutions for smaller eCommerce projects which are often held at our data centre in Maidenhead. We have custom server options with unlimited specifications designed for large sites with masses of data and bandwidth usage which we would host with our Manchester-based partners UKFast. This type of server would be built to suit your exact project specifications.

Our software can be installed on your current server to make sure it’s being used to its full potential for the eCommerce site. We will take care of everything server-side, when it comes to domain names, IP addresses, SSLs, dedicated IP’s and firewalls so you don’t have to. Once we start planning, our tech team will discuss your exact needs and we will make the process as simple as possible for you!