Working with your team from initial consultancy, research, planning and prototyping through to the final site launch and then engaging in a eCommerce digital marketing plan. We will ensure your eCommerce site is ideally positioned in your marketplace to sell your products or services with ease.

We have experienced the ever-changing eCommerce trends over the last 9 years from both a visual aspect through to technological developments. Our projects have allowed us to gain real insight into user trends, device changes, exposure to more market places and integration into retail-based applications which help assist your site and team.

We have a range of eCommerce platforms we can work with, from Magento and Shopify to a bespoke custom development depending on your requirements. No matter which platform you require or bespoke build we can develop: Split Testing (A/B), multiple UI views, UX development and research, increased conversions, bespoke integrations, stock systems, complex bundle products, multiple stock location, couriers, payment gateways, customer notifications, tailored digital marketing, customer analytics, marketplace integrations, organic SEO, multi site, reports, training and more!

Our Technologies
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Magento Specialists

Magento is a great option for a scalable eCommerce platform. We have worked with Magento since its release in 2008 and would highly recommend it as a base platform for your store.

If you are wanting a robust platform with all the exciting features of a modern eCommerce Store, then Magento would be the preferred choice. There are 2 levels of Magento depending on your level of business online, there is the Community Edition or Enterprise. Most of our clients start out on the Community Edition, but a quick change to enterprise is always feasible in the future.

Magento has every feature you need for a successful eCommerce store, from complex attribute setups, multiple product types, unlimited categories, a variety of shipping/payment setups, customer groups, price breaks and more! The great thing with Magento is that the front end is fully customisable, you have full control of how the store looks in terms of interface and you can even design different product pages depending on the product type.

The eCommerce engine is quick, reliable and is designed for heavy usage. There are lots of automated tasks that can be set up to keep the site quick and functional. There is also a great feature where you can control multiple sites from one engine - so if you have different target markets or completely different products that need marketing differently, then you can use Magento's multi-site option.

Our team have expertise in all versions of Magento 1 and Magento 2. If you already have a Magento store that needs updating or converting into Magento 2, we have the migration tools and experience to re-develop your magento store. If you are happy with your Magento store but require a custom Module or Extension building, we have also developed plenty of custom modules and alterations to the Magento structure.

Please get in touch if you require a full feature list of this type of eCommerce solution.

Bespoke eCommerce Development

There are many eCommerce platforms around, but sometimes out of the box solutions will not work and you may need a custom eCommerce Development building.

Whilst out of the box platforms are the norm these days (advancements in technology and web capabilities), not all out of the box solutions may work for your project or specification. This is where custom eCommerce development works better. Rather than trying to change and adapt an established platform to work around your brief, its sometimes better to build an original.

Our team will spec out your business objective in detail and plan a solution that is going to work for you. With our experience in developing custom web applications along with working on some of the most popular Commerce platforms, we will know the best way to achieve your aim.

We will take care of everything from the custom checkout process, multiple payment gateways, integrations into your other systems as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing site designed with your users and target audience in mind. From our in-depth UX research and UI designs, this can help with conversions and a digital strategy.

We have built a variety of bespoke Commerce solutions in a range of industries. Projects such as Monthly membership Commerce systems, Hotel Booking Systems, Leisure centre Sports Bookings and more.

Shopify eCommerce Development

Shopify is a great option for simple eCommerce sites with limited budgets and basic product structures. It has a reliable engine and as everything is hosted with Shopify it takes away some of the technical headaches you may feel daunted with!

Shopify is popular for smaller eCommerce structures which have a simple product and category structure. It is very easy to set up a Shopify account and start uploading products to set your store live within a matter of hours! It's very cost-effective too as there are different payment plans which all include payment gateways so you don't have to obtain an eCommerce merchant account with an external payment gateway, which again makes it very simple.

Store design and Shopify add-ons are where it may become a little more complex and this is where we come in. If you require a bespoke design for your Shopify store, we can build a bespoke template using Shopify's framework so that you can customise exactly how you want your store to look. This would be through user research, design trends or industry style. When building your custom template we can also add any custom add-ons or modules if you need your Shopify site to have more features. Whilst there is a lot of limitations with this, there are usually ways of working around them.

eCommerce Servers

We can provide customised servers that are optimised for your eCommerce needs and can react to usage and high volumes of traffic.

For any eCommerce projects we work on, we are always happy to work on existing client servers. A significant amount of our projects already have internal server setups and cloud-based solutions due to the complexity of the business and branches. However, we always prefer to provide and have full access to the server we are developing on. This way we can ensure the security procedures are in place and we have full control over the server settings and restrictions.

We have various levels of server options for eCommerce sites, there are cost-effective solutions for smaller eCommerce projects which are often held at our data centre in Maidenhead. We have custom server options with unlimited specifications designed for large sites with masses of data and bandwidth usage which we would host with our Manchester-based partners UKFast. This type of server would be built to suit your exact project specifications.

Our software can be installed on your current server to make sure it's being used to its full potential for the eCommerce site. We will take care of everything server-side, when it comes to domain names, IP addresses, SSLs, dedicated IPs and firewalls so you don't have to. Once we start planning, our tech team will discuss your exact needs and we will make the process as simple as possible for you!

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