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Customer Analysis

Implementing tools and best practices to advance on your campaign.

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All of our digital campaigns are focused ondelivering measurable results, which are built around customer analysis.

Our customer analysis strategy goes a lot further than basic traffic statistics by looking into your customer and target base them implementing tools and practises to advance on your campaign.

We are a certified Google Analytics company, which means we know how to setup this fantastic analytical software and customise it to your project. It provides us with valuable insights with a multitude of demographic settings and filters to track your user behaviours. It allows us to create tracked events and goals in order to review website conversions and see how we can change site structure to increase your conversion rates.

As well as tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and other industry standard tools, we have developed our own bespoke analytical tools and reports for multiple applications across a variety of industries. We have also created integrations and APIs into analytical datasets from applications such as Facebook and Twitter to track market research trends.

The Customer Analysis process

We use a multitude of other analytical tools to assess other aspects of your project.

If your requirement is focused more towards user experience or user retention, we have heat map and recording tools such as Hotjar where we can analyse how your users are navigating and using the application. This can be drilled down and combined with other tools to assess device usage, demographic trends and more. We can then introduce techniques such as A/B split testing to compare conversions, experience and retention and create the best experience for your end users.

We often include analytics and tool integrations in our development projects, digital marketing campaigns and SEO projects.