Case Study

NHS Leadership Academy

October 2020

Illustration, UI, UX

Reach Studios have built up a portfolio of work since first working with the NHS Leadership Academy back in 2015. Within projects including digital, marketing, print and illustration.


We have continued to work with the NHS Leadership Academy since 2015 on a vast array of projects.

Consistently being involved with new innovative digital aspects from collaborative print projects, UI/UX design for web and marketing initiatives.


In 2018 we were tasked with developing the UI/UX style-guide for the NHS Leadership Academy website. This collaborative project provided insight and information from key stakeholders and teams within the academy and then applying our UI/UX knowledge and skills to create a whole style-guide which would be applied to any online digital builds. We worked on components, feedback messages and other elements, developing three separate guides before providing the code base for these items which allowed for easy instalment and creation from a digital perspective.

Using user experience theory, audience data and analytics to deliver best practises. From colours, typography and spacing to buttons and media displays. 

NHS Leadership Academy Digital Days

We are also involved with the NHS Leadership Academy on other digital projects within their programmes. One particular project is the Anderson Programme which we have been working on since 2018. Each year we have set dates where we provide digital connections, graphics services, illustrations and print within a strict set of hours to deliver a fast-paced project which collaborates with NHS staff in various roles from across the country. 

We utilise a range of digital tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, XML scripts, and then work with a small team from the Academy to provide these fast-paced services on the day. The end result is a real-time publication which contains NHS staff works, pledges, introductions, legacy and more. Digitising hand-drawn illustrations and serving this as part of the branded document using the NHS colour guidelines.

These days are truly intense and show how adaptable our team can be. Never failing to deliver these briefs in such a tight timeframes with the technology we have at hand. After each session we receive amazing feedback from the participants and the Academy stakeholders. We always review and improve the processes at the end of each year.

NHS Leadership Academy Marketing

The NHS Leadership Academy also partner and collaborate with many organisations and events across the UK. We have the pleasure of collaborating on certain tasks such as digital, email and social campaigns. 

One example from 2017 was building an email campaign for the Global Innovations Health Care event which was sponsored by KPMG.

The range of emails were informative, snappy and branded in the Academy’s colour scheme, ensuring an impact and working with the events overall image and style. The e-shots contained important information displaying the senior speakers and contact details. We had to design this with browsers and email clients in mind, with NHS staff still being subject to unsupported devices in the workplace. Furthermore, ensuring responsive email templates would work on all browsers and clients due to the high-nature and importance of the content. We were provided with KPMG’s requirements as the main sponsor to ensure it passed their marketing regulations. 

Ongoing work

We look forward to continuing our working relationship with the NHS Leadership Academy on a range of projects in the pipeline.

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