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August 2020

Development, UI, UX

PayGrade is a software solution for grading jobs. The first version dated back to 2012 and is used by over 40 companies to grade their employees.


Approached by Amite Ltd to provide the first major update to their PayGrade software since 2016.

Dating back to 2012 PayGrade grades the financial requirements and benchmarking for employees.

Rewritten from the ground up

The entirely new framework and engine, the new version of PayGrade has been rewritten from the ground up. For users, this means vastly increased stability and improved performance. A fresh interface overhaul feels ‘quick’ and processing times are quicker.

Furthermore, the modernised software architecture provides better protection. Utilising the latest security standards to keep user data safe. Built on a bespoke modular framework means the software can be scaled or adapted with ease.

Amite PayGrade Rebuild

New PayGrade interface

We have overhauled the entire user interface, giving a new and improved overall look and feel. Working alongside the design team at Amite, we have made this Amite’s best looking and most usable software yet.

As a result, navigating to the correct page is intuitive, with feedback from the software letting you know you’re on the right track. New graphics also allow you to get an overview of your data at a glance.

Designed utilising the Amite Pattern Library, also built by us, to maintain a consistent look and feel across all of Amite’s product range.

Amite PayGrade User Interface

Additional PayGrade features

Several new and improved features make this the most feature rich version of PayGrade to date.

Furthermore by totally redesigned reports to offer users a fresh view on their data, enabling them to drill down to get an unparalleled level of detail. We gave users the ability to create combinations of saved reports to enable them to compare their data in a multitude of unique ways.

Amite PayGrade New Features

We look forward to working alongside the team at Amite for years to come on many more exciting projects.

View more about Amite Ltd and PayGrade here.

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