Google Digital Garage Course


13 Jan 2020

Jonathan Ward

Google Digital Garage allowed me to complete an online Digital Marketing Course, to gain an increased understanding of web development and the skills that are packed into building a successful website.

As a Graphic Designer here at Reach Studios, I am able complete jobs that require the design skills of the company, however without being fully qualified or experienced in web development and the digital marketing fields, I would struggle to accomplish a full understanding of the team’s expertise. Google Digital Garage was a programme that enabled me to learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing, opening potential new paths for me.

The individual modules included in the digital marketing course I completed, guided me along an educational journey, approaching the best methods for managing businesses online. By the end of the 26 modules inside the marketing course, I was awarded certification to demonstrate my progression and advanced insight into the important aspects Reach specifically priorities while working with clients to build online identities.

There is a great quantity of options when it comes to using online digital tools, and I soon began to discover that technology is changing and improving rapidly. Being a business online, whether it involves creating your own website or using social media accounts, is a great way to increase the chance of potential customers, to then later watch the growth of your existing customers. Websites are visited online every second of the day, however it is a complex process and may cost your business money to be found above your competitors for the public to automatically decide to visit before all else.

Two of the most important terms I studied were Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEM is a system used by businesses that pay a search engine for advertising space on a website, to then be in with a chance to display their search ad. SEO on the other hand is a process carried out by businesses using keywords within the websites content that could possibly increase the chance of your website appearing higher up in search engine rankings. It is a free way to help businesses reach a higher percentage of potential customers.

It was fascinating to discover each and every feature that helps towards a successful business strategy, from what elements to include in search ads, to how different devices use web aspects conflictingly. I learnt how to be noticed locally, found by people nearby, and noticed on social media. Along with the correct ways to build an online business, I was also able to recognise the disadvantages of being an unsuccessful online business (including boring, long winded videos, too much irrelevant text, high resolution images that will slow down the loading of your website, and many more drawbacks that will create problems and uninterested custom).

Analytics were a main focus throughout the course, guiding me through the different forms of data you can collect to further develop your website for the better. The measurements and analysis of data collected from analytic software tools help to inform you about the understanding of behaviour used across a business’s web page. I thought this was a very important subject to gain a broader perception of, as site performance and indicators that drive businesses are some of the responsibilities that Reach execute for clients.

Without going into too much detail thoroughly explaining each module included in the digital marketing course I completed, I can certainly say, the material and pointers were very worthwhile to observe and learn about, helping me grasp a wider form of knowledge on web development and digital marketing as a whole, but also the work that goes into the clients’ requirements here at Reach.

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