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30 May 2022

Joe Phillips

Now, you are going to be wondering why your next website or app should be built in Laravel and what are the advantages of the Laravel framework over others? Let us explain...

Laravel Development Sheffield

PHP is one of the oldest and most popular web development languages, and Laravel is its most popular framework.

For custom software development, the Laravel framework is popular. It is the top-ranking PHP framework on GitHub, scoring over 69,000 stars. Thousands of developers worldwide appreciate its powerful features. So, why is Laravel so popular we hear you ask? Laravel provides the necessary tools to develop websites and web apps faster, and more stably, all while making them simple to maintain.

At the time of writing this article, there are over 1.5 million websites (BuiltWith, May 2022) that have been built with Laravel. That number continues to grow every day.

Why Choose the Laravel Framework

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Now, you are going to be wondering why your next website or app should be built in Laravel and what are the advantages of the Laravel framework over others? To get you started, here are 8 reasons why you should consider Laravel for your next project:

1. It’s Quick & Simple

For easing common tasks, the PHP framework Laravel works on a modular basis. It implies that with Laravel, there are a lot of pre-built functions and structures that work on the latest PHP principles to build responsive web applications and websites in a time-efficient manner. Since Laravel is an open-source framework, developers are in the process of improving these resources since it was released onto the market in 2011. All of this means the development process of web applications and sites is sped up. Laravel is quick and intuitive. There is no need to spend hours upon hours writing individual lines of code. Consequently, it hurries up application/site delivery, proving to be economical.

2. Security

Security is the primary concern for most businesses. With Laravel, advanced security features are easy to configure on most websites to enhance security and protect sites from hackers and cybercriminals. To get a little technical, Laravel uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm which means it’s much more resistant to a brute force attack when compared to systems using more traditional MD5 encryption. Comparing it to other PHP frameworks, Laravel also has great user authentication and, restricted access features that are easy to create. This keeps you and your customer’s data safe and secure.

3. Enhanced Performance

It’s not enough to simply create an attractive web application. Its performance should shine too. Laravel supports caching for your website out-of-the-box which is great for boosting your sites speed. You can integrate tools such as Redis within the framework and develop the web applications easily; they help in enhancing the performance of the app also. It is even voted as the no. 1 high-performing web application development framework of all time.

4. Open-Source & Powerful Community

Open-source technologies are always good to go with as they have a free license to create amazing websites and applications without having to pay anything for the technology. Additionally, having a large, dynamic community means the support you have access to during the development and designing stages is unrivalled. Laravel has community support that makes you unstoppable even when you have a complex problem in front of you.

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5. Libraries & Configuration

Laravel supports multiple development environments and adapts itself according to the retrospective platform on which the application is running. All of this is made possible by the libraries which are built within Laravel. Laravel libraries are supported by fully automated features and are not available in other popular PHP frameworks.

6. Futureproof Apps

The game of the web app is evolving, every day. It didn’t seem too long ago that a generic website with no functionality was viewed as something extraordinary. That is no longer the case. People are looking for powerful, immersive web app experiences. Something that is only achieved when you use every trend to your benefit. Due to its extensive pre-installed libraries, Laravel has the capability to create and support a variety of advanced features. Plus, there are a ton of third-party packages available that lets you stay on top despite changing technology needs.

7. Easy Unit Testing

Unit testing helps you find anything in the entire application that is broken. It ensures a bug-free experience in your web application. That means you can develop a first-rate experience for your users. Testing capabilities of a framework is of utmost importance, it helps the developers ensure a better experience on your application. Furthermore, Laravel being an advanced framework offers easy unit testing which makes the testing of each module and component uncomplicated.

8. MVC Architecture

Laravel follows a Model-View-Controller architecture; it increases the efficiency of the framework by tenfold. Laravel comes with built-in functionalities for developers to make applications much better. Apart from this, MVC architecture provides better documentation, improved performance, and multiple built-in functionalities compared to other PHP frameworks. Which is another reason to choose Laravel for your next project.

Create a Laravel Project With Us

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Our developers here at Reach Studios can create bespoke Laravel framework websites and web applications that strive to capture your brand and make even the most ambitious websites and web applications possible.  We work closely with our clients to create projects that are robust, scalable, aesthetically appealing, and feature-rich to help them build a stronger online presence.

Web Design: Laravel Development

Laravel website development is very well supported by the open-source web developer community. It is one of the number one PHP development frameworks to use and is used by the Laravel developers here at Reach Studios

In a world of multiple device types and sizes, users have come to expect beautiful web experiences that perform perfectly across a multitude of different screen and window sizes.

Laravel is the ideal framework for creative responsive websites. Known throughout the industry as the “The PHP Framework for Web Artisans”, it offers a flexible, elegant, and seamless foundation for our web projects. Whilst Reach Studios can offer a template-based solution for those on a tighter budget, we pride ourselves on the bespoke work that we produce. Each website we create for our clients is designed from scratch to their exact specifications and developed in-house by our highly skilled team. Laravel gives us the freedom to create just what you, and only you, need.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up Laravel is an excellent choice for both developers and businesses worldwide. If you are looking to update or add to your current website or application, or, you would simply like to start a new project from scratch then get in touch with your new Laravel developers today!

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