Why invest in Bespoke Software for your business?

What is bespoke software

26 Jul 2021

Laura Jones

Bespoke software is specifically designed to meet your business needs, it can be used to manage stock levels, take orders, provide business reports and much more. Rather like bespoke tailoring, custom software is designed and created for a specific purpose within an organisation.

Rather like bespoke tailoring, bespoke software (otherwise known as customised software or tailor-made software) is software that has been designed and created for a specific purpose within an organisation. It is an exact fit for a clients’ requirements. It works the way you work. There is no need to accept the compromises of ‘Off-The-Shelf’ software applications.

Bespoke software can refer to whole, stand-alone software application development (web, mobile or back-end applications), but can also apply to integrations/interfaces between applications or adaptations of existing software applications.

It is a common misconception that only huge companies have bespoke software developed for them, however, this is not the case. Smaller companies that opt to have bespoke software developed find they have the right tools to achieve their objectives meaning they can avoid overhead costs in the long run.

What Can Bespoke Software Do?

Bespoke software is specifically designed to meet your business needs, it can be used to manage stock levels, take orders, provide business reports and much more. We have seen many small to medium sized manufacturing businesses take advantage of custom software as it can help increase efficiencies whilst reducing material wastage. Custom software can integrate with all your business functions including sales, marketing, manufacturing, and accounts, it can be utilised store data in one centralised area and provide routine offsite backups which will keep your data safe.

Advantages of Bespoke Software

1. Flexibility and Scalability of Bespoke Software

Bespoke software can progress and adapt alongside your business. Changes can be implemented quickly as your business meets new requirements and grows. The software’s flexibility allows objectives and needs to change as the business demands it.

2. Bespoke Software Provides Increased Security

Arguably the most important factor to consider with any software project is security. With bespoke software you will be the only one using that software and you have complete control over it. Hackers will be more inclined to attack an off-the-shelf product as it will be easier to exploit well known issues and vulnerabilities. A tailor-made application that is only used internally is much less likely to be hacked than the off-the-shelf options out there.

3. Increased Performance & Optimisation with Bespoke Software

As mentioned previously, with a custom-built software application you are in complete control of the development pace and path. When buying bespoke software, you get to decide what it looks like and how it will work in general. A bespoke software solution is centred around your way of working, making it easier to use. It can help boost morale in the team as it is built around their specific needs which in turn leads to better productivity levels.

4. Bespoke Software offers Improved Efficiency

Efficiency is another way that a bespoke software solution can greatly improve your business. This efficiency is twofold, in both the software itself and how it is used. Firstly, your software will be built with the most up to date and advanced technology available on the market. This technology is geared up to understand the current modern digital landscape. This means the software itself is optimised to work quickly and aptly. Secondly, the software is built to meet your specific business needs and procedures. The system can be designed to maximise efficiency when carrying out these tasks. Furthermore, a bespoke solution can work alongside existing business systems and can be tailored to align with current business processes streamlining the whole operation. The time saved can be put towards completing other tasks elsewhere in the business.

5. Complete Ownership

By having your own software, you are in complete control over your developed solution. You call the shots; you can decide how and where it is implemented. You will decide when and if it needs additional features or further customisation. To summarise you have full rights over it. Having your own unique software can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. It will be easy to set yourself apart from the crowd by having a solution that is completely dedicated to your business. In addition to the above, ownership allows you to save money on licensing fees. With a lot of off-the-shelf products, you must pay for each user, depending on the size of your team this can get costly. This is not necessary when you own the software, you get to decide how many employees can access the software at any one time.

6. Bespoke Software Can Lead to Lower Costs

Although the initial cost may seem higher compared to an off-the-shelf version, in the long run this is not the case. Licensing and subscription costs will no longer be present with a bespoke application. Customisation and support costs are not presented in the off-the-shelf solutions, when added these costs can accumulate. If designed correctly, bespoke software can help to reduce the day-to-day tasks that staff members have to complete. It can be designed with data validation which will increase accuracy while offering increased levels of efficiency and productivity.

Why Should I Choose Bespoke Software

We believe bespoke software wins over off-the-shelf. Yes, off-the-shelf solutions can be versatile and easy to use but they are also built as a one size fits all and are completely impersonal. What is the point of paying for hundreds of features that you don’t utilise daily? Large programs will slow you down and require constant maintenance. Bespoke software focuses on quality not quantity, it is all about targeting the features that are pertinent to your business, its employees, and its customers.

In conclusion, investing in bespoke software development is a savvy business choice. It is a smart investment long-term. Reach is here to support you through every step of the development journey, we will craft a solution that perfectly suits your needs and keeps your business objectives at the forefront. 

Reach have successfully created bespoke software solutions for. Businesses in a variety of fields such as PayGrade for Amite Ltd or Plannah for Netflix.

So, if you are looking to develop your own bespoke software application, Reach can help you create the ideal solution. Please get in touch today.


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